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    Power Networking


Power Networking has been translated into five languages and used as resource material for college classsrooms and corporate trainings. 


"The secrets to success lie not in what you do but in how you relate to yourself and the world around you. The key is to tap into your inner resources while working wisely with your outer resources: your network. The power of networking is in the human interaction and the personal value generated through that interaction. No matter who you are, where you are, how old you are, or what profession you are in, you have vast resources available for whatever you want to accomplish in life."


Chapter 1 --- We Believe In . . .

Part One --- Elminating the Roadblocks to Success

Chapter 2 --- Beware the Networking Mongrel
Chapter 3 --- Saying Goodbye to the Lone Ranger Mentality
Chapter 4 --- No More Keeping Score
Chapter 5 --- Facing the Fears


Part Two --- Networking: Your Link to Success

Chapter 6 --- So You're Not a Trapeze Artist
Chapter 7 --- The Three P's of Networking: People, Power & Promotion
Chapter 8 --- Reaping the Benefits
Chapter 9 --- Making a Small World Even Smaller


Part Three --- The Power Networking Self-Assessment

Chapter 10 --- The Assessment
Chapter 11 --- You are the Hub of Your Network
Chapter 12 --- The Midas Touch
Chapter 13 --- The First Step-Rapport
Chatper 14 --- A Thoughtful Person is a Remembered Person
Chapter 15 --- Maximize Your Actions
Chapter 16 --- Ask and Ye Shall Receive
Chapter 17 --- It's Not Who You Know, It's Who Knows You
Chapter 18 --- Life is Either a Daring Adventure or Nothing
Chapter 19 --- A Way of Life that Will Change the World


Part Four --- A Lifestyle for Success

Chapter 20 --- Using Technology to Connect Your World Chapter 21 --- Planting the Seed

"An exciting, uplifting, empowering book. These principles really do work, whether you're trying to get ahead in a job, establish a business, or raise $100 million."
Scott DeGarmo, editor-in-chief and publisher of Success
"An excellent resource for anyone who wants to build a strong network that keeps on working."
John Gray, author of Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus
"People Power is an exciting, heart-centered, creative, and highly practical approach to creating real success personally and professionally. Practicing these principles is sure to skyrocket anyone in their chosen endeavor. I am highly enthusiastic about this book and I recommend it strongly."
Alan Cohen, author of I Had It All the Time
"Warm, personal, and inspiring! Its message of service can help you create quality connections that will last a lifetime."
Beth Everts, president, Park National Bank - Westchase
"This idea-packed book shows you how to network better and easier than ever before. Get it, read it, and start applying its powerful principles in your life today!"
Brian Tracy, author of Selling Strategies
"A key to limitless power! Living these principles will take you a giant step toward fulfilling your greatest dreams."
Doug Krug, coauthor of Enlightened Leadership: Getting to the Heart of Change
People Power


Excerpts from Book Review by Paul Swift
Reprinted with permission from Public Relations Quarterly, Spring, 1996


"People Power is basically a handbook on how to build a professional personality -- a nineties version of How to Win Friends and Influence People. Fisher dissects networking's major and minor components and analyzes them and applies them to all sorts of personal and professional situations and objectives.  The shy, the obnoxious, the forgetful, the awkward and the nerdy among us need no longer continue without friends and associates they can count on.


People Power is also directed to the vast majority among us whom she describes as "networking dabblers." "They network haphazardly, a little bit here and there. Sometimes it seems to work and sometimes it doesn't, but they don't really know how to improve their results." Fisher shows us how to do just that -- through 12 Power Principles, which include, for example, The Power of Giving, The Power of Staying in Touch, The Power of Listening, and The Power of Commitment.


Did I say Fisher treats networking as a science? Perhaps secular religion is more appropriate. She writes: Networking is as simple as friendship and as complex as matchmaking. . . . Networking provides a form of community, family, and camaraderie. . . . It satisfies a basic need to be connected, to belong, and to contribute. . . . It is a life-affirming process and a vital ingredient for success and happiness. We exist as part of a vast and intricate web of connections. They bring us joy and peace, motivation and rich ideas. They enrich all aspects of our lives."


Excerpts from Book Review
Reprinted with permission from Women in Business, The Magazine of The American Business Women's Association, March/April 1996


"Did you know networking can actually help you live a longer, happier and healthier life? Not only is networking important to your career development, it also helps you build strong emotional and social ties. And those ties can improve the quality and length of your life, says Donna Fisher, CSP, ABWA member and author of People Power.


People Power is a step-by-step guide for generating your networking style. Donna offers 12 power principles for starting, building and enriching your network. She also offers tips on speaking words of praise, being a better listener and staying committed to your goals."

Professional Networking
for Dummies


Seventy percent of new career opportunities are generated through networking, making it an indispensable career-building skill. Professional Networking for Dummies is a how-to guide giving even the shyest reader solid advice on making small talk, meeting new contacts, and developing a networking mindset. It also includes information on networking clubs, using voice and e-mail, Internet networking, and much more.


Switched-on Networking gives you instructions on how some simple Brain Gym processes will immediately rewire your brain for networking ease and effectiveness.


You can use the latest in mind-body processes to switch any negative beliefs, behaviors and experiences that have gotten in the way of your success and re-wire your brain for ease and effectiveness with your networking.  


You CAN reprogram you subconscious mind with “Brain Performance Optimization” movements and exercises as illustrated in this book.  You will immediately re-educate your brain to network with ease, efficiency and effectiveness.  Once you have “Switched-On” your brain for optimum networking success you can use your “new” effectiveness to grow your business, meet new clients, expand your circle of influence, and/or find that perfect job.  “Switching-On” your ability to network effectively will enhance all areas of your life! 



Dr. Jerry Teplitz, known as “an expert in Brain Performance Optimization,” has spent more than three decades teaching revolutionary techniques that quite literally switch-on the body and the mind to achieve full potential through optimum brain performance by using movement exercises called Brain Gym®.

 Strategies that            Work


Real World Communication Strategies that Work was compiled by Russ Hollingsworth and features contributions by Donna Fisher and several additional communication experts. Imagine sitting down in a round-table forum with 12 successful men and women and being able to glean from them the communication principles that propelled them in life! This book allows readers to do just that. Men and women from a variety of professions and life circumstances offer time-tested, real-world communication strategies for improving your organization and helping it get to the top!

     Power NetWeaving

Co-Authored by Donna Fisher and Bob Littell, Power NetWeaving provides detailed information on the philosophy and strategies of NetWeaving. Discover ways to build NetWeaving into your daily habits. Be inspired by many NetWeaver's stories of how their altruistic gestures came back to benefit them in ways they could never have foreseen up front. In the spirit of NetWeaving, $5.00 per book will be contributed to Junior Achievement. Let us know if your company or organization would like to use this book as a fundraiser for the charity of your choice! 

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