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Suggested Questions for Donna Fisher:

  • How has the concept of networking changed over the years?

  • How has technology influenced the need for face-to-face contact?

  • What are the most common mistakes and misunderstanding people make about networking?

  • Tell me about your campaign "Getting Our People Back to Work."

  • How does the concept branding relate to networking?

  • What tips do you have for job seekers regarding how to make good use of their connections?

  • What about when you're shy? Is networking only for those with an outgoing personality?

  • I understand most of your work is with large corporations. How does networking apply in that arena?

  • What are the common mistakes that people make when meeting people?

  • What if you don't have a network how do you get started?

  • Tell me about your campaign "Connecting with Kindness."

  • Why is networking important for the home-based business?

  • What are Virtual Networking Events and how are they effective?

  • How does the power of words influence our results?

  • How do people get involved in a Virtual Networking Event?


To schedule Donna Fisher:



Donna  has appeared in:

New York Times
Harvard Management
Communication Letter
The Wall Street Journal
Chicago Tribune
Working Woman
Investor's Business Daily
Business Start-Ups
Registered Representative
Public Relations Quarterly
Women in Aviation
Nursing Focus
Upline Magazine
Women in Business
Houston Business Journal
Crain's New York Business
Atlanta Chronicle
and others.

Her radio/tv appearances partial list:

Wisdom Radio
Weeknight Edition
Home Business
and over 40 other radio stations around the country.




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