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Fiber Artist – Donna Fisher

Fiber Wall Art

Hand-Crocheted Jewelry

Hand-Crocheted Shawls & Scarves


Donna Fisher uses her creative spirit to combine various textures of yarns along with other materials for visual interest. Her fiber wall art adds texture, depth, and softness to a room.  Her creative designs may incorporate wrapped yarn, crocheted yarn, crocheted gems and stones, tokens and/or ribbon.


Her line of “Soft & Luxurious” shawls and wraps are custom-designed and hand-crocheted with a beautiful blend of textures, colors and patterns making each piece a unique artistic expression. Her wearable art designs are perfect for women who love to express their individuality with an elegant yet creative flair!


“I believe that women deserve to have “soft & luxurious” as an everyday experience.  I love the creative process and the experience women get when they feel wrapped in luxury.”

– Donna Fisher

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