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Donna Fisher's corporate, non-profit, retail, sales, marketing, and speaking experience contributes to her delivery of programs that are practical, refreshing, and inspiring.  As your read through these programs, you will notice that they all address the power of people - the power that people possess to communicate in a way that makes a difference and the power that people express by connecting with their own spirit, vision, purpose and ultimately other people.


What You Say is What You Get!

Based on the principles of Conscious Language(TM), this program provides tools for discovering one’s self sabotaging language (that is automatic and unconscious) so that people can consciously choose to facilitate their desired outcomes. You discover the power of one word to make a difference in your life creating self empowerment and team functionality.

Many people attempt to speak positively on top of negative beliefs which leads to frustration and unfulfilled expectations. Getting “to the heart of the matter” and then upgrading one’s beliefs and one’s language creates highest choice outcomes.

Straight Talk:  Expressing Yourself Powerfully

Your ability to relate to, communicate with, and connect with others is the basis for creating powerful bonds and generating new possibilities. Everything about you communicates – what you say, how you say it, the words that you choose.  Discover how straight talk, perception checking and a childlike curiosity can enhance your communication skills and workplace effectiveness. It is up to you to think, speak and act in a powerful way so that you generate opportunities and realize your goals. The possibilities for you, your career and your life are unlimited.

Generate A Buzz:  Creating A Network of Opportunities

People talk! They talk when they’re excited, happy, sad, and mad.  They talk when they see or experience something unique, extraordinary, remarkable and/or inspiring. The term word-of-mouth means spreading the word and word-of-mouth marketing involves influencing people to talk in a positive, influential and enrolling manner about your products and services. When there is a lot of “talk” about something in particular then a “buzz” is created that attracts people.

PowerTalk: Communicating with Confidence, Credibility and Clarity
Do you experience power and confidence in your ability to say what you mean, mean what you say and be understood in your communication? Miscommunication or partial communication is the #1 source of problems with co-workers, customers, vendors, and employees. Learn how to develop a "defensive-free approach" to communicating with others. Learn how to stop your automatic knee-jerk reaction to feedback and suggestions. Learn the difference between assertive and aggressive communication and develop your ability to be straightforward and respectful with your communication. This session gives you the keys to being a masterful communicator. Keynote or workshop.

Conscious Connections
The way you connect and relate to others is instrumental in your ability to experience authentic success. Through connecting with people, you create trust, rapport, opportunities and long-term professional relationships. Learn the difference between talking to someone and connecting. Discover how to access the "heart of the matter" in a conversation. Implement the "people skills" that will create a positive lasting impression and greater visibility throughout your industry and community. Touch into your own inspiration and ability to build professional relationships that generate customer delight, interested referrals, and influential contacts.


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