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Additional tidbits of information!

* Soft & Luxurious 


Donna expresses her creative spirit crocheting special one-of-a-kind shawls and wraps for women who believe that feeling "Soft and Luxurious" should be an everyday experience!

What People are Saying about Soft & Luxurious Shawls & Wraps:

Katherine Ashby, Personal Shopper/Image Consultant
"The Soft & Luxurious summer fling is the perfect thing. You have to have one."

"You truly do beautiful work. The poncho style color looks great with my coloring and is lovely."
Dr. Marilyn Manning

"There's nothing like a one of a kind gift!  Thank you for helping me make my wife feel special with her Soft & Luxurious wrap.  I saw how the impact of a truly original gift is huge.  Your designs are so special that it's immediately obvious that it's one of a kind and very special."
Garrison Wynn


To view some of Donna's creations go to:



Links for more information:


* One of the keys to effective networking is staying in touch with people.  Donna recommends staying in touch with people by sending notes/cards using an efficient, economical online system - Send Out Cards.  Send a free card by going to: and click on "Send a Card". You can choose a card, customize a card or create your own card and have the card printed and mailed for you!




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* Donna promotes a healthy lifestyle using essential oils for cleaning, medicinal and therapeutic benefits. You      can check this out for yourself at







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